Thre3 is a true journey through music (that Sebastien created) and motion. Living in the historical little town of Biarritz, France, famous for being the birth place of both surfing and skateboarding in Europe. Sebastien has capture the essence of both in a surreal mixed feeling. A new “Nouvelle Vague”… Looks very much like it.

Sebastien is  a «motion designer» (as he describe himself). He began skateboarding in 1991 and started filming in 2000 after a suffering from a knee injury. As he got more and more involved in the editing, filming and post production process, it opened his mind to other subjects. He likes to mix images with music to try to achieve the perfect alchemy.

Feedback to the Future, one of his latest productions, was nominated for the 2012 edition of the Festival. In  this 4min short movie (excluding the Eastern Eggs hidden here and there), he goes thru a short time travel recollecting images – almost like souvenirs- of his history as a filmer/filmmaker.

Residence: Biarritz, France