GoPro® & International Skateboard Film Festival / Los Angeles launch 

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World Class Skate Filmmakers Exclusively Shoot with HERO3 Black Edition

ISFF and GoPro, maker of the world’s most versatile camera and producer of today’s most engaging skate content announce the launch of the first ever International Skateboard Film Festival (ISFF) + GoPro Filmmaker Challenge 2013. The ISFF committee selected a panel of ten filmmakers from around the world, including past ISFF winners and world-class skate videographers to compete in the Challenge.

The ten participating filmmakers are: Craig R. Stecyk III (USA), James Holman (New Zealand), Russell Houghten (USA), Philip Evans (Ireland), Takahiro Morita (Japan), Sebastien Abes (France), Ryan Dearth (USA), Josh Stewart (USA), Elard Robles (Peru) and Dan Wolfe (USA).

Each filmmaker will create a short film (three to eight minutes in length) on any subject related to skateboarding, exclusively shot and edited with the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition.

A panel of judges from the Academy of Skateboard Filmmakers, along with a few invited guest judges, will select the winner based on originality, execution, editing, and complete usage of the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition. Three winners will be recognized and awarded at the ISFF Awards Ceremony in November in Los Angeles. Winners will receive a cash prize of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 for first, second and third place, respectively.

All films will be hosted exclusively here, on the International Skateboard Film Festival Website as well as the GoPro Network (


Craig R. Stecyk III


From his early work documenting the rise of the Z-Boys to his latest contribution in Bone Brigade: An Autobiography  or a Nike Skateboarding ad campaign without overlooking is very own short movie Fin, Craig is, without a doubt an historian, photographer, artist and writer.

Residence: Santa Monica, California







Philip Evans


Phil discovered skateboarding in his small Irish town and developed an inexplicable compulsion to produce a near-endless stream of skateboarding videos and images. Format Perspective (2011), filmed completely in Super 8, showcased the insight and different approaches used by these six european photographers.

Residence: Bray, Ireland








James Holman 

James Holman (on the right) accepting the Best Emerging and Independent Award in 2011 (with co-director Alex Pasquini on the left)

James Holman (on the right) accepting the Best Emerging and Independent Award in 2011 (with co-director Alex Pasquini on the left)


James’ latest film, Altered Focus: Burma won the ISFF Best independent & Emerging award in 2011. The plot was «easy»: to follow three young film makers and skateboarders as they travel through Burma. In a recent email, James teased the ISFF Staff with «I have a banging plan». We can only expect the best.

Residence: Queenstown, New Zealand







Sebastien Abes 


Sebastien describes himself as a «motion designer» from Biarritz, France. Feedback to the Future, one of his latest productions, was nominated for the 2012 edition of the Festival. In this 4 min. short movie he goes through a short time travel venture, recollecting souvenirs of his history as a filmer/filmmaker.

Residence: Biarritz, France








Dan Wolfe

WOLFE - copie

Dan grew up in Westchester, PA  then moved to Philadelphia,PA in 1995, filmed the extraordinary Eastern Exposure 3. He then got a job offer from Element Skateboards but didn’t like Orange County so he moved to San Francisco. Ended up working for Deluxe where he has been working with (except for a short stint at Ipath) since. You just can’t go wrong with that.

Residence: San Francisco, California






Russell Houghten


Incredible technician, Russell masters light, camera shutter, and filters like no other. Check out “Filter”, his part in “cinematographer” and the last Dylan Rieder commercial for Gravis. Filter, starring Dylan Rieder and Sammy Winter, recently won for Best Photography at ISFF 2012.

Residence: Los Angeles, California






Ryan Dearth


Currently based in Skate City, USA, Ryan is one of those quiet connoisseurs of good skateboarding. Relatively new to the game, he has an irreproachable technique and a sense for completion that is always pleasing. He has just finished DVS Does DetroitSounds like a promise in itself.

Residence: Long Beach, California









Takahiro Morita 

Capture d’écran 2013-01-27 à 17.07.19

Skate journalist for the past 13 years and part of the original Tokyo «Z-Boys», Takahiro is the visionary behind the underground cult film, Overground Broadcasting (2008). He excels at integrating the Japanese and the western skateboard culture into a special blend opened to the world.

Residence: Nakano, Japan







Josh Stewart

Josh-Stewart As soon as Josh’s name is dropped, the first image that comes to mind is Static, then Static II and Static III…  Adio’s One Step Beyond too. And if you have watch these masterpieces of skateboarding videography, you probably still have some chills remembering the crisp images and incredible angles.

Residence: New York, New York







Elard Robles

Capture d’écran 2013-02-25 à 16.27.44

Skateboarder since the late 80s, Elard started his own production company working on skateboard and non-skateboard audiovisual projects in Lima, Peru. His sense of editing as well as his eye for details and his knack for original scenarios unveil the true magic of South America that shall speak with a couple Hero3 cameras in his hands.

Residence: Lima, Peru






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