CR Stecyk, Tony Hawk and Stacy Peralta; Del Mar Skate Ranch circa 1981

Filming skateboarding started like this. A necessity… A need to show how it’s done, to document… Whether it would be for commercial purpose, for the sake of progression or just because.

On the simplicity, the fragility of such beginnings professionalism slowly built the strongest foundation. “We can see, in some well known filmmakers out there, the eyes of somebody who filmed skateboarding when he was young”, said Ty Evans.

A Film Festival without an Academy composed of some of the best filmmakers and most influential people in the industry would be nonsense. The Academy of Skateboard Filmmakers, Arts & Science was formed as a way to ensure the sanctity of skateboard filmmaking as a pure and authentic form of expression. Part of the Academy members’ role will be to nominate the judges and define the criteria of judgment.

Therefore, the Festival has been gathering – and will keep on doing so in the future – the most pertinent and influential personalities in skateboarding who, by their expertise, knowledge of the industry and the way they perceive skateboarding, will keep the Festival on its toes whenever creativity is concerned.

Ultimately, the Academy serves as the foundation for the Festival long-term and global vision.


The Academy is:

  • Stacy Peralta : Professional Skateboarder, Co-owner of Powell-Peralta Inc., Writer and Director
  • C.R. Stecyk : Photographer, Journalist, Writer, Renowned Artist, Co-founder of Juxtapoz Magazine and Thrasher Magazine
  • Grant Brittain: Photographer and Co-founder of The Skateboard Mag
  • Fred Mortagne (a.k.a French Fred): Photographer and Director
  • Bryce Kanights: Photographer and Co-founder of
  • Ed Templeton: Professional Skateboarder, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Artist
  • Ricki Bedenbaugh: Director
  • Greg Hunt: Director and Photographer
  • Mike Manzoori: Director
  • Jamie Thomas: Professional Skateboarder, Skateboard Industry Magnate and Owner of Black Box Distribution
  • Ty Evans : Director
  • Geoff Rowley : Professional Skateboarder, Entrepreneur and Director
  • Dave Swift : Director and Editor of The Skateboard Mag
  • Jacob Rosenberg : Director, Partner & CTO of Bandito Brothers (Act of Valor, Waiting for Lightning)