James loves the open spaces and the cultural open mindedness skateboarding carries within itself.
His past work “Altered Focus Burma” and “Youth of Yangon” are thoughtful trips where skateboarding is an excuse to meet different way of living but where hope and the love for life is ever present.
For his participation to the Filmmaker Challenge, James turns his eyes toward his own country: New Zealand. “Long White Cloud” (the original name for New Zealand translated from the Maori language) is the modern transposition of a dream (taking your skateboarding literally “somewhere else”) but in a true kiwi fashion. You can’t help but think “pirates” (which was almost the first name for this pretty cool display of what you can do with a couple of GoPro Hero3 Black Edition cameras. If some of the aerial sequences smell like “Lord Of The Ring”, don’t panic, it’s normal.

Residence : New Zealand