Dan’s access to skate cinematography stardom is an example in the making. “Grew up in Westchester, PA skating & filming with his friends, started going to Philly after high school. met Ricky Oyola and crew around 1994 and moved to Philly in 1995, filmed Eastern Exposure 3. Got a job offer from Element Skateboards, moved to Orange County… Didn’t like Orange County so moved to San Francisco in 2000. Ended up working for Deluxe and did Real To Reel with Gabe Morford. Ended up doing some ad & video work for Ipath. Started working with Deluxe again in 2010 and have been working at Deluxe since.”
You can’t go wrong with that.

His piece for the ISFF+ GoPro Filmmaker Challenge is carved in the same wood.
Please, enjoy.

Dan won the 3rd place!

Residence: San Francisco, California