Since his very first step on a board (floating or rolling), Craig R. Stecyk has been on a personal mission to understand and give skateboarding its tools to access the status of true art form.
From his early work documenting the rise of the Z-Boys (being at the very core of it) to his latest contribution in Bone Brigade: An Autobiography or a Nike Skateboarding ad campaign without overlooking is very own short movie Fin, Craig is, without a doubt, one of the godfathers of skateboarding.
Historian, photographer, artist and writer, Craig has been honored with the «Classic» award at the Festival’s inaugural year, and has been serving as one of ISFF’s Academy judges when he isn’t contributing to one of the submitted productions.

Stecyk’s (short) piece for the ISFF=GoPro Challenge reflects his uncanny way to synthesize and intertwine pop culture and skateboarding.

Residence: Santa Monica, California