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The mission of the International Skateboard Film Festival is to recognize, encourage, support and promote the efforts of skateboarding filmmakers and the art of skateboarding filmmaking around the globe

Skateboarding was born and developed in California in the 1960s and has a profound history in the Los Angeles area. During this same time, the movie industry was also booming in the studios of Hollywood.

Directly interacting with art, fashion and music, skateboarding has been influencing the action sports industry for decades with this creative substance drawn from the streets of one of the biggest metropolises in the world.

From Gus Van Sant to Spike Jonze, from Harmony Korine to Larry Clark, there are an endless number of world-renowned movie directors, photographer and filmmakers coming from skateboarding.

Hosting an International Skateboard Film Festival in the city of Angels just made sense.

In an industry where standards progress daily, the International Skateboard Film Festival gives productions big and small a chance to be screened by the industry’s best filmmakers and producers.

The Festival is a place where diversity and richness of the international production finds a true echo. It encourages creativity and gives opportunity to all the filmmakers and the skateboard industry to gather and imagine future productions.