Yes, it had to happen… After a two year hiatus, the festival is back… on its tippy toes.

Why the hiatus? Video making and the story telling that goes along with it have drastically changed since we started this venture in 2010.

The classic format of the brands videos, the documentaries and the independent project will probably never die, they will mutate (they already have, actually) into sharper forms.
The Enjoi, the Plan B and the Antihero videos – released in 2014 – as well as True directed by Erik Bragg and Wet Dreams directed by Federico Vitetta being released right before Christmas of the same year are the prime example of this change.

A deeper one, of course is social media. Why wait for a hypothetical brand video release and sit on a good footage when you can promote yourself (and the brands you ride for) to new heights? 

How to incorporate this new social standards to a audiovisual festival? “@daewonsong vs @metroskateboarding”? That’s an idea, right?

Brand movies, commercials, solo parts, documentaries, independent productions… Every production is a crucial piece within skateboarding culture… Just like the early films ‘Skater Dater’ or ‘Devil’s Toy’ made in the mid 1960’s. 

Year after year, we see more gems coming out of everywhere on the planet : and to be honest, it’s one of the things that bring us back. So much to discover!

In the meantime (and speaking of surrealism in skateboarding), please savor again this gem by Thomas Campbell with the Bask phenomenom Javier Mendizabal and the Latvian wonder boy Madars Apse.

 Cuatros Suenos Pequenos