Skateboard filmmakers around the world, the 4th annual International Skateboard Film Festival taking place in Los Angeles this fall is announcing that it is now opening the submissions.

Categories for the competition are: Best Brand, Best Director, Best Documentary, Best Independent & Emerging, Best Short, Best Skate Shop Video, Best Soundtrack and Best Solo Part. Submissions will be accepted June 10 through August 31, 2013.

Official rules and guidelines can be found in the Rules & Guidelines tab.

Will your movie join the winners circle and be amongst the previous winners, “This Ain’t California” (2012, Germany), “Ejkei” (2012, Puerto Rico), “Quik” (2012, USA) “In Search of the Miraculous” (2011, Sweden), “Altered Focus: Burma” (2010, England), “Stay Gold” (2011, USA), “Skateistan” (2010, Afghanistan), “Machotaildrop” (2010, Canada) and “Extremely Sorry” (2010, USA) just to name a few? We hope so!